Agenda - BAM tour

Date: 13 March 2018 from 08:30-14:00

Venue: National Museum of Denmark, Prince's Mansion, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 København

There is a limited amount of ticket, so please make sure your network is aware.

Wording for marketing related to the Business Agility Manifesto

Challenges organisations are facing right now. Establish why Overall Business Agility is needed today more than ever:

-              It is difficult to consistently create value for customers

-              It is challenging to ensure a reliable return to shareholders

-              The market place is very dynamic with short time in market for products and services

-              Our organisations are constantly in flux trying to deal with the pressures

-              It is not easy to attract and retain the right talent

-              Compliance requirements are more and more demanding with increasing regulations

-              Even success requires the need to be able to scale on demand

-              Digitalisation and the need for reliable data are changing what and how we bring to market

-              Keeping the organisation and its stakeholders safe from security breaches is paramount

-              There is a persistent flow of overlapping and inconsistent programs and projects


To address these challenges, we must:

-              Become more capable of keeping up with the demand for the perpetual change

-              Put an even bigger focus on changing multiple aspects of what and how we do faster

-              Achieve more with the resources we have

-              Become more anticipatory and innovative to stay relevant to the market

-              More effectively translate strategy into aligned action

-              Establish broader collaboration among all internal functions and our customers and suppliers

-              Assure sufficient knowledge of the impact of change on the business, including potential unintended consequences

-              Establish tools and knowledge to align everything that is changing to ensure initiatives do not negate each other

-              Sustain the business while changing to new models proactively managing business risk


What is the Business Agility Manifesto?

-              A set of principles that must be followed in order to have an agile business

-              A description of how to go beyond agile technology development to overall business agility

-              Guidance in specific areas of focus to be addressed in becoming a resilient business




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